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The Evangelical Missionary Church in Janga, Reformada theology, arose from the will of God with the purpose and responsibility to preach the Gospel in a post-Christian, that is, an environment where the word of God is not priority, and there is no limit no clear boundaries with the world pecaminoso. Does the word of God: "There ameis the world neither the things that are in the world. If someone loving the world, the love of the Father is not in it, because everything there is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and superb of life, not proceeds from the Father, but carries the world. However, the world passes, as well as their desires; that, but that is the will of God remains forever "(1Jo.2 :15-17) It is based on these words, it produces life, "[...] that I follow to the target, for the award of the sovereign purpose of God in Christ Jesus "(Fl.3: 14). The apostle Paul makes clear that the Christian life is fight (Rm.12: 12), however, it is worth doing the will of God, meet with the "Go" He is determined. It is this strength that the Evangelical Missionary Church exposes this project and has the cooperation of brothers to put them into practice. Our desire is to purchase a land, build our church and adquirirmos a bus to evangelize in the sertão where idolatry reigns. Take the projects of the Church: 1. The Church The Evangelical Missionary Church was inaugurated on October 15, 2005, is composed of mostly by teenagers. Find the Mediterranean-with the young, because are the adults of tomorrow. Recife is a city in Brazil with the highest rate of crime involving young people, especially those who are drug users. It is within this project's involvement with them dance and music theatre, all focusing on evangelization in which many young people will be achieved. This is already being put into practice as we shall see. Show you some pictures of the church that is located in a gallery whose rent undertakes entire budget. Timetable for Religious: 1. Tuesday: Worship of Prayer 19:00 pm; 2. Thursday: Doctrine of Worship 19:00 pm; 3. Saturday: Worship of Young 19:00 h; 4. Sunday: Worship Celebration of 18:30 pm .


Community Project of Evangelization

"Well, we have, from him, this commandment: that he who loves God loves his brother also" (1Jo.4: 21). "That love know that the children of God: when love God and practice their commandments" (1Jo.5: 2). "That met the love: that Christ gave his life for us, and we must give our lives for the brothers. Well, what have resources of this world, and come to his brother suffer need, and you close your heart, how can remain in the love of God? Children, not amemos of word, or language, but in fact and truth "(1Jo.3 :16-18). The word of God has to be preached throughout the world then will the end. So our goal is to get both the spiritual food as the food material. Here in Janga has a shantytown and people living there in subhuman conditions: need Jesus and he mate your hunger as done in the past, in the miracle of the loaves. What the Evangelical Missionary Church wants is to create conditions for these poor people, that we are showing some pictures, taken in the slums of Janga, known as (shantytown of Tururu), may be receiving aid spiritual and material to release - is the misery in which they are. Tiramos some pictures of church members and the real situation of some residents:

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Oieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tudo na paz? Vim fazer uma visitinha. Parabéns pelo blog. Deus te abençoe.

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A Paz Pr. Carlos
Estou visitando seu blog, e resolvi deixar este post, para dizer que o blog está ótimo! As mensagens aqui postadas são de inteira relevância.

Trabalho com o grupo de jovens da igreja Assembléia de Deus, e quero sua permissão se possível, para indicar este link a eles, e também fazer uma parceria de link.

Vou por este link no meu blog.